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About Us

Black Carrefour is Media Outlet:
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Black Carrefour is a bilingual (English and French) media outlet to inspire, promotes, celebrate and give platform for young people to have a positive change to themselves and world while.

Our mission, vision, and values inform the work of the Black Carrefour and are how we promote our public purposes.
Our mission
To enrich young people’s lives with programmes and services that inspire, motivate, inform, educate and entertain them to take positive action and make worthwhile contribution to their lives and the society.
Our vision
To be the most inspiring organisation in the world
Our values
• Believe in people is the cornerstone foundation of the Black Carrefour:
• To be independent, take no party and be trustworthy.
• Inspiring and motivating youth are at the heart of everything we set to do.
• We take pride in delivering quality and being the best that we can be.
• Promoting youth is the lifeblood of Black Carrefour.
• We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best.
• There is only one Black Carrefour: Union fait la force – Unity is strength.
Using online platform for BC TV and BC Mag:

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Youtube : www.youtube.com/blackcarrefour
Vimeo : www.vimeo.com/blackcarrefour
Dailymotion : www.dailymotion.com/blackcarrefour

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Instagram: @blackcarrefour

For enquiries please do send us an email or mail to:

Email: hkolbassia@gmail.com

Office address:
Unit 6,
The Energy Centre, Bowling Green Walk,
London, N1 6AL, United Kingdom
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